Live Weather Radar of Woolsey Mudslide Burn Area Risk Map

Southern California Radar

Woolsey Fire Mudslide Risk Map

Camp Fire Map and Live Fire Radio from Butte County, California

Camp Fire MapCamp Fire Map

Live News Coverage

Camp fire is the most destructive fire in California history.  42 people are confirmed dead.  NorCal Residents Who Lost Homes in Camp Fire Sue PG&E for Allegedly Causing Deadly Blaze

Thousand Oaks & Westlake Fire Evacuation Maps & Live News

Mandatory Evacuation & Lifted Evacuation Areas / Check Points

Live News Coverage

Map of North Carolina Red Cross Shelters & Salvation Army Stores

Map of Salvation Army Stores, Red Cross Shelters & Food Pantries in North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia

Live Map Tracking Hurricane Florence

YouTube map showing live updates of Hurricane Florence's path to North Carolina.

Map of Salvation Army Stores, Red Cross Shelters & Food Pantries in North Carolina

Multiple California Fire Maps Comparing Information

County Fire, County Pawnee Fire, Pawnee Fire Perimeter, Canyon Fire, Creek Fire, Creek Fire Perimeter, Lane Fire, Lane Fire Perimeter, Upper Colony Fire, Lions Fire, Cherry Fire, Flat Fire Flat Fire Perimeter, Creek Fire, Petersburg Fire, Woosley Fire, Camp Fire 

Hawaii East Rift Evacuation Zone Map

If Highway 130 gets blocked by the lava flow.  Chain of Craters Rd would be the the alternative route out of this area.
Hawaii East Rift Evacuation Zone Ready Using Chain of Craters Rd or Highway 130 if Not Blocked

Hawaii Volcano Lava & VOG Maps

Public Perception Maps vs Actual Lava Flow on Hawaii Big Island

Hawaii VOG Map

If you are planning to vacation or live on the Big Island in Hawaii VOG has always been an issue in various places around Kona and the southwest part of the Island.  Depending on the winds the VOG can be an issue for people with breathing issues.   See the live Hawaii VOG map here.

What is VOG?   It is a smoke haze containing volcanic dust and gases.  If the lava hits the ocean sometimes steam is created as well which also creates a VOG-like cloud.

The map model uses estimates of volcano emissions along with forecast winds to predict the concentrations of sulfur dioxide gas (SO2) and sulfate aerosol particles (SO4) downwind of the ongoing Kilauea eruption.

Here is a map of the Big Island Geothermal Power Plant threatened by the lava.  

Map of Wisconsin Oil Refinery Evacuation Zones

Wisconsin Smoke Evacuation Zones

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