Hurricane Dorian Path of Destruction Map

hurricane Dorian path map
Map of Hurricane Dorian path of destruction in the Bahamas and East Coast

US Flood Forecast Map Spring 2019

The National Weather Service issued its annual spring flood outlook. By the end of May, parts of 25 states nearly two thirds of the USA could see flooding severe enough to cause damage.

Every major body of water east of the Rockies is at elevated risk of flooding in the coming months, including the Mississippi, the Red River of the North, the Great Lakes, the eastern Missouri River, the lower Ohio, the lower Cumberland, and the Tennessee River basins.

NOAA Spring Flood Forecast. 

Historic Midwest Flooding Spring 2019

Record Midwest Flooding 

The Midwestern United States has been experiencing major floods since mid-March 2019, primarily along the Missouri River and its tributaries in Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, Iowa, and Kansas. The Mississippi River has also seen flooding, but to a lesser extent. From January until early March, average temperatures in the Midwest remained in the low 20 to 30 average degree Fahrenheit range, with record snowfall in many areas, including the early March blizzard, up to three feet on the ground in some areas. In Nebraska, over the course of three days (March 11 - March 13)[2], temperatures rose to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, combined with 1.5 inches of rain. This quickly melted the snow, and the frozen ground was not able to absorb any meaningful amount, which led to unprecedented runoff into local streams and rivers.

Map of US & Mexico Border Wall Gaps

This map looks at every mile of the U.S.-Mexico border. Now you can, too – right here.

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