A Contrarian View on Coronavirus Bioterrorism from a Wells Fargo Investment Officer

Mahmoud ElAwadi Senior Vice President - Investment Officer/ PIM Portfolio Manager at Wells Fargo Advisors out of Orlando, Florida 

Here are 15 key points he makes. 
  1. He thinks the Coronvirus crises was created by the media for political & financial gain.  
  2. Was Chinese government not happy with the Trump trade agreement presented 1/2020?  
  3. Why is the virus spreading in some locations and others not?
  4. Who is buying gold and lots of it because they want to devalue the dollar?  
  5. Why are all of China's factories back online and running at 100% capacity?
  6. USA is running out of supplies and desperately needs more supplies from China.
  7. Population of China is 1.6B and only 80,000 cases.
  8. Population in the USA is 330 million and more 16,000+ cases.
  9. How did China suddenly stop the virus in the last month? 
  10. Is China not sharing a vaccine or virus solution something with us?
  11. News networks finally have their ratings & ad revenue back (people are watching). 
  12. News networks are selling us fear and destroying the economy for political gains. 
  13. He is a Democrat and didn't vote for Trump but he strongly supports our President.  
  14. China wants to be the largest economy in the World.

Coronavirus Fatality Rates by Country

Thank God The United States Has The Greatest Healthcare System In The World

The estimated case fatality rate of SARS-CoV-2 has increased steadily, reaching 4.07% based on current data, but continues to remain significantly lower than for SARS (10%) or MERS (34%). As the outbreak evolves, the fatality rate is likely to fluctuate.

In mainland China, the highest case fatality rate has been recorded in the city of Wuhan (4.99%). Internationally, some of the countries with the highest fatality rates, based on current data, are Italy (8.30%) and Iran (6.98%).

 Fatality rate is generally higher among older adults, among males, and those with pre-existing conditions (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic respiratory disease).

Fatality Rates Around The World

Map of Coronavirus Cases in Los Angeles County

Best Coronavirus Maps

Coronavirus Lockdown Countdown Clock

How many days until April 1st.  Corona Virus Lockdown Countdown Date. 
This was the date that Trump gave on March 31 to potentially re-open the economy.

What Are The Top Google Searches for on Coronavirus

Top Questions on the Coronavirus from Google Searches
Where These Google Searches Coming from according to Google Trends

Map of where the latest-reported Coronavirus COVID-19 cases?

Where are the latest-reported Coronavirus COVID-19 cases?

This map shows the current number of total cases of Coronavirus COVID-19, based on the most up-to-date COVID-19 cases. It covers China (in province level), the US, Canada, Australia (in city level), and the rest of the world (in country level, represented by either the country centroids or their capitals).

 Data sources are WHO, US CDC, China NHC, ECDC, and DXY. The China data is automatically updating at least once per hour, and non China data is updating manually. This layer is created and maintained by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at the Johns Hopkins University. The source feature layer is supported by Esri Living Atlas team and JHU Data Services. This layer is opened to the public and free to share. Contact us.

What is Herd Immunity? Can it Help Fight Coronavirus?

Herd immunity might be the answer to the future.   If you have a new disease, such as COVID-19, that we don’t have a vaccine for and no one in the country has ever been infected with, the disease will spread through the population. But if enough people develop an immune memory, then the disease will stop spreading, even if some of the population is not immune. This is herd immunity, and it is a very effective way to protect the whole of a population against infectious disease. Read more

To reach herd immunity, about 60% of the population would need to get ill and become immune, according to Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser. Though it could need as much as 70% or more. Even scientists who understand the strategy are anxious. “I do worry that making plans that assume such a large proportion of the population will become infected (and hopefully recovered and immune) may not be the very best that we can do,” said Martin Hibberd, professor of emerging infectious disease at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

“Another strategy might be to try to contain [it] longer and perhaps long enough for therapy to emerge that might allow some kind of treatment. This seems to be the strategy of countries such as Singapore. While this containment approach is clearly difficult (and maybe impossible for many countries), it does seem a worthy goal; and those countries that can aim to do.” Read more

In theory, herd immunity means not everyone in a community needs to be immune to prevent the spread of disease. If a high enough proportion of individuals in a population are immune, the majority will protect the few susceptible people because the chain is broken. By breaking the chain of a disease’s transmission, herd immunity protects the most vulnerable among us, including newborns and sick people who can’t receive vaccines. But in order for it to work, a certain percentage of people in a community must be vaccinated. read more

Why Coronavirus News Media "Fear-Mongering" Is Like Living in a Communist Society

Ok, the Coronvirus IS real and has a nice brand name (trademark pending) thanks to some scientists who coined the unique term very close to the Mexican beer Corona, which sales are up 5%.  Here is a map of confirmed Coronavirus cases but where is the map of confirmed flu cases to help normalize this mass hysteria?  The Flu has killed 20,000 Americans including 136 children so far this season, CDC says.   

I know of someone who now supposedly has had "the virus" it and is recovering after a week long battle with the flu and pneumonia like symptoms.  My immediate family has even had a tough winter fighting with normal chest colds and sinus issues.  However, the media and society has gone absolute nuts and I have completely lost my trust in anything they report! 

The branding of annual viruses like the Zika, SARS, Ebola and Swine Flu have become the "informed" thing to do according to the fake news media in the last decade. Every year, depending on the election cycle or slow news ratings, there seems to be another major short lived Worldwide epidemic created by some communist Government and then a ripple of effect of bad things seem to happen.  Why can't the United States news media cover these stories with more factual evidence and less fear-mongering? 

I think we are going to look back on this virus event as the most irresponsible the media has ever been.  The news media and health organizations have wildly overreacted, causing a Worldwide panic, economies to freeze and the stock market to crash. This is a prime example of how manufacturing fear by the news media and Government is like living in a Communist society where the Government controls the media.

If you believe everything the Center for Disease Control (CDC) preached you might as well live in an isolated bubble.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of people die of different kinds of virus strains, flu strains and weird diseases. 

Why suddenly, in the last decade do diseases have fearful brand names?  Remember the Swine Flu and Zika?   Did the Chinese media and Government decide to make it a big deal for some hidden agenda like controlling Worldwide fear (read below)?  Why do all of these new annual diseases someone seem to originate in China (Swine flu)? Oh yes, China is a Communist society where they control the news media very similar to how the liberal media controls the majority of our news in the United States.   I remain skeptical of China for several reasons.  

In previous years, the mainstream media would simply call it a a "bad flu season".  However, this year the mainstream fake news news media is wildly irresponsible in their reporting and is jumping all over this opportunity to spread fear once again.  Oh yes, TV ratings are way up as a result of people staying home and watching TV. 

Here are 3 possible reasons why I remain skeptical about the severity of the Coronavirus and have possible conspiracy theory excuses for why the new media is being used like a puppet once again. This is despite scientists strongly condemning rumors of a conspiracy.  
  1. China is trying to maintain its position as a World business power and is flexing its muscle to remind us why the World economy needs Chinese manufacturing and $.  Causing a stock market crash is one way to destroy wealth and power of the USA.  
  2. Russia and Saudi Arabia want to remain the oil super powers and are looking for an excuse to drive oil under $30 per barrel and put all of the USA based Shale oil and gas businesses "under water".  
  3. The United States has not had a recession in 10+ year and The Federal Reserve is looking for an excuse to have negative interest rates AND then blame this virus and China when it drops interest rates below zero to "stimulate the economy". 
Spring is just around the corner and as you can see by this chart the flu season is almost over.  Here are some charts and data we will continue to add in the coming weeks as more data and charts come out comparing the Coronavirus to the flu and other viruses.  

Flu Impact on USA

Coronavirus Symptoms Compared to Flu, Cold

Reported Flu Visits at the Doctor

Coronavirus vs Flu Fatalities

How Contagious Is the Coronavirus

US Public Confident Coronavirus Can Be Contained

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