Why Coronavirus News Media "Fear-Mongering" Is Like Living in a Communist Society

Flu Impact on USA

Okay, the coronavirus is real and has a nice brand name (trademark pending) thanks to some scientists who coined the unique term very close to the Mexican beer Corona, whose sales are up 5%.  Here is a map of confirmed Coronavirus cases but where is the map of confirmed flu cases to help normalize this mass hysteria?  The Flu has killed 20,000 Americans including 136 children so far this season, CDC says.   

I know of someone who now supposedly has had "the virus" it and is recovering after a week-long battle with the flu and pneumonia-like symptoms.  My immediate family has even had a tough winter fighting with normal chest colds and sinus issues.  However, the media and society have gone absolutely nuts and I have completely lost my trust in anything they report! 

The branding of annual viruses like Zika, SARS, Ebola and Swine Flu have become the "informed" thing to do according to the fake news media in the last decade. Every year, depending on the election cycle or slow news ratings, there seems to be another major short-lived Worldwide epidemic created by some communist Government and then a ripple of effect of bad things seem to happen.  Why can't the United States news media cover these stories with more factual evidence and less fear-mongering? 

I think we are going to look back on this virus event as the most irresponsible the media has ever been.  The news media and health organizations have wildly overreacted, causing a Worldwide panic, economies to freeze and the stock market to crash. This is a prime example of how manufacturing fear by the news media and Government is like living in a Communist society where the Government controls the media.

If you believe everything the Center for Disease Control (CDC) preached you might as well live in an isolated bubble.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of people die of different kinds of virus strains, flu strains and weird diseases. 

Why suddenly, in the last decade do diseases have fearful brand names?  Remember the Swine Flu and Zika?   Did the Chinese media and Government decide to make it a big deal for some hidden agenda like controlling Worldwide fear (read below)?  Why do all of these new annual diseases someone seem to originate in China (Swine flu)? Oh yes, China is a Communist society where they control the news media very similar to how the liberal media controls the majority of our news in the United States.   I remain skeptical of China for several reasons.  

In previous years, the mainstream media would simply call it a a "bad flu season".  However, this year the mainstream fake news news media is wildly irresponsible in their reporting and is jumping all over this opportunity to spread fear once again.  Oh yes, TV ratings are way up as a result of people staying home and watching TV. 

Here are 3 possible reasons why I remain skeptical about the severity of the Coronavirus and have possible conspiracy theory excuses for why the new media is being used like a puppet once again. This is despite scientists strongly condemning rumors of a conspiracy.  
  1. China is trying to maintain its position as a World business power and is flexing its muscle to remind us why the World economy needs Chinese manufacturing and $.  Causing a stock market crash is one way to destroy the wealth and power of the USA.  
  2. Russia and Saudi Arabia want to remain the oil superpowers and are looking for an excuse to drive oil under $30 per barrel and put all of the USA based Shale oil and gas businesses "under water".  
  3. The United States has not had a recession in 10+ years and The Federal Reserve is looking for an excuse to have negative interest rates AND then blame this virus and China when it drops interest rates below zero to "stimulate the economy". 
Spring is just around the corner and as you can see by this chart the flu season is almost over.  Here are some charts and data we will continue to add in the coming weeks as more data and charts come out comparing the Coronavirus to the flu and other viruses.  

Coronavirus Symptoms Compared to Flu, Cold

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Coronavirus vs Flu Fatalities

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