A Contrarian View on Coronavirus Bioterrorism from a Wells Fargo Investment Officer

Mahmoud ElAwadi Senior Vice President - Investment Officer/ PIM Portfolio Manager at Wells Fargo Advisors out of Orlando, Florida 

The video was taken down by YouTube so here is our description. Here are 15 key points he makes. 

  1. He thinks the Coronvirus crises was created by the media for political & financial gain.  
  2. Was Chinese government not happy with the Trump trade agreement presented 1/2020?  
  3. Why is the virus spreading in some locations and others not?
  4. Who is buying gold and lots of it because they want to devalue the dollar?  
  5. Why are all of China's factories back online and running at 100% capacity?
  6. USA is running out of supplies and desperately needs more supplies from China.
  7. Population of China is 1.6B and only 80,000 cases.
  8. Population in the USA is 330 million and more 16,000+ cases.
  9. How did China suddenly stop the virus in the last month? 
  10. Is China not sharing a vaccine or virus solution something with us?
  11. News networks finally have their ratings & ad revenue back (people are watching). 
  12. News networks are selling us fear and destroying the economy for political gains. 
  13. He is a Democrat and didn't vote for Trump but he strongly supports our President.  
  14. China wants to be the largest economy in the World.

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