Hurricane Sally Storm Surge & Flooding Forecast

Hurricane Sally floods Gulf Coast as officials urge residents in low-lying areas to 'run from the water'

Slow-moving storm Hurricane Sally is intensifying as swirls over the Gulf of Mexico towards Mississippi and Louisiana. The whirling center of Hurricane Sally may be slowly making its way toward the northern Gulf Coast, but the storm's heavy rains and wind have already caused widespread flooding in the area.  The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami said as of midday Tuesday, Hurricane Sally is a Category 1 storm, packing maximum sustained winds of 80 mph, and is located about 115 miles south of Mobile, Ala., "inching" northwest at 2 mph. Sally should reach land near the Alabama-Mississippi state line by late Tuesday or early Wednesday, bringing the threat of a storm surge of up to 7 feet along Alabama's coast, including Mobile Bay.

Smoke & Haze from West Wildfires Reaches Midwest

Smoke from West Wildfires Reaches Midwest

haze from smoke Wisconsin map

satellite images smoke and particles
Satellite Smoke Map

Have you noticed the sun looks a little more orange than usual?  In the skies of Northeast Wisconsin, smoke from wildfires is creating hazy conditions in the western US. FOX 11 Meteorology Director Pete Petoniak says the smoke from those fires is carried by upper-level winds thousands of miles away, making the skies appear milky around here.

The haze also makes for some vivid sunrises and sunsets. The smoke filters out shorter wavelengths of light, leaving mainly orange and red shining through.

Two recent photos of the United States were taken by the NPP satellite and both photos indicate that the winds have shifted again, pushing the smoke back to the East from western fires and crossing the continental USA. Tiny air-suspended particles (aerosols) are also carried along the jet stream alongside the smoke and carry unhealthy air quality across the world. The picture on the left depicts the whole of the United States and the smoke cloud that hangs over much of it

The picture to the right shows the aerosols that go with the smoke. Aerosols are a mixture of small particles and chemicals formed by incomplete burning of materials that contain carbon, such as trees, grasses, peat, brush, etc. All smoke includes particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. The smaller the particles, the easier to inhale and absorb them into the lungs. From the EPA website: "Small particles pose the greatest health hazard from the smoke. They can cause a variety of health issues, from burning eyes and a runny nose to exacerbated chronic heart and lung diseases. Particle pollution exposure is even associated with premature death. 

West Coast Smoke Could Be Killing Thousands of Birds

Map of Reports Seeing Mass Dead Birds

Thousands of dead birds could be linked to West Coast wildfires.   An “unprecedented” number of birds have recently died across the West — and some researchers suspect the West Coast’s raging wildfires could be to blame.  Experts haven’t been able to quantify the fatalities or pinpoint an exact cause of the mass die-off.  The total number of dead birds appears to be in the hundreds of thousands. Among the species impacted are warblers, swallows, and bluebirds.

Witnesses and researchers said some of the birds appeared to be acting bizarrely before dying — ones that usually hang in shrubs were spotted on the ground searching for food.  Scientists are asking the public to report sightings of dead birds to an online database, and that people safely collect the dead birds so that researchers can study them closer.  

New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Texas are also reporting similar situations and large amounts of dead birds.

dead birds reported from smoke

President Trump Visits With CalFire & Gavin Newsom

President Trump visits with CalFire and Gavin Newsom in Sacramento to see the damage from the California wildfires

Why did Gavin Newsom look so nervous in this meeting with Trump?

Trump & Gavin Newsom at CalFire

Portland Air Quality Map

Portland’s air quality was the worst of major cities in the world Friday morning, due to Oregon and Washington wildfires
Portland air quality map
Portland Air Quality

Portland Metropolitan Area Fire, Air Quality & Evacuation Maps

Portland Metropolitan Area Fire Map

The Northwest Fires within Oregon and Washington

Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Fires Map

Oregon Smoke & Air Quality Forecast Maps

Oregon air quality forecast map

Oregon Smoke & Air Quality Maps

western USA smoke map

5 Real Time Maps of LA's Current & Future Air Quality & Wind

Real Time LA County Air Quality Map

LA Wind Forecast Map

  AQMD Air Quality Map Red Flag Warnings

Air Now Air Quality Map

Air Now Forecast

Fire & Smoke Air Quality Map

California Air Quality Monitors

Smoke from Northern California fires can be smelled and seen all the way to Southern California. 

Maps of Active California Fires

Map Active California Fires

Map Active Southern California Fires

2018 Active Fires Map

Active Fires in California 2018

Active Fires as of November 12, 2018 

How to Add Our Disaster Relief App to Your Phone

Syndicated Maps Network of Map Apps

How to Add Button to Home Screen

Add Free Map to Home Screen for Easy Access

All of our maps are free mobile friendly pages that can be easily bookmarked on your phone using a Safari browser on the iPhone and Chrome browser on an Android phone. These maps will never require a download and the home screen icon does nothing in the background unless you are using the app. Its like a shortcut to a browser but on your phone and the icon is easy to find and quick to use with no sign-in required. These maps are all advertising supported.

When you open the map it will automatically find your location and display data relevant to your area. Each map has its own unique icon depending on which data you are interested in. The default map is all cameras but you can choose speed cameras, red light cameras, traffic cameras below.

Syndicated Maps has a network of 25 public safety & location based maps which you can easily find and add to your phone at the link above or by clicking on the phone apps screen shot above.

What Is The Best Mask For Smoke?

N95 Smoke Mask
N95 Smoke Mask

A good smoke mask protects against poor air quality, but not all face masks are effective at preventing smoke inhalation. Experts say it's best for those who don't want to inhale harmful pollutants, no matter what mask you wear.     

There are a variety of respirators, but the one that works best against brush fire smoke is the N-series. If you need more protection, an N95 respirator provides adequate protection for most people.  Overall, the N99 Smoke Mask is a good choice, good enough to shield you in the event of a conflagration or something. Overall, it is important to be aware of the different types of smoke masks available to you, and you should not miss them.    

There are hundreds of vendors selling smoke filters and masks, mainly in Asia, but there are also in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Africa. One of the best I have personally encountered is the N95 Smoke Mask, which is available from a number of vendors in the United States, Canada, and Australia.     

As you can see, a gas mask alone is not an ideal solution when it comes to protecting a person from smoke and fire, but it can be very effective in combination with other smoke filters and masks to improve their effectiveness. There are washable smoke masks that have two valves that prevent moisture from accumulating on the mask and are ideal for people who do a lot of physical activity. Last but not least, gas masks have a built-in respirator, which can make them particularly effective when they are protected from the smoke. 

Fabric masks are not recommended to prevent smoke and dust, as they tend to have poor filtration according to the California Department of Health.  They are not there to protect children from smoke or dust and, worse, the particles in the bushfire smoke can cause respiratory problems if they are "too fine.     Certified N95 masks are designed for children as they can filter out smoke and ash particles and improve air quality for adults.      

If you are looking for a highly efficient disposable mask, the face mask is a good choice for you. You will also find N99 masks that filter out 99% of particles, and you must bear this in mind when looking for a mask with a high level of protection, such as the N95 mask or the N100 mask.        

You cannot simply wear a surgical paper mask or a cloth mask and protect yourself from the fine particles. If you don't have a proper mask, a dust mask is better than nothing, even if it's not airtight. Smoky air penetrates when you breathe and destroys the whole purpose. While you are trying to filter out the hazardous chemicals and particulate smoke, if the mask is not airtight, you can still get some of the particles in, so that larger particles can be in the air. The gap between the skin and the mask can cause you to be between the gaps between you and the mask. 

Gender Reveal Fire Map

gender reveal fire map
Gender Reveal Fire Map El Dorado Fire Near Yucaipa

A gender reveal party causes massive El Dorado wildfires that burned 7,050 acres outside of Los Angeles in Riverside County near Yucaipa. 

gender reveal fire smoke satellite image

Smoke from the fire could be seen for hundreds of miles.  Ash from the fire blanketed Southern California streets, homes, and cars. 

What Is A Derecho?

Derecho storm cloud Iowa

According to the National Weather Service, a derecho storm is a widespread, long-lived wind storm that is accompanied by a band of rapidly changing showers or thunderstorms. A derecho is a group of long-lived winds and storms associated with rapidly changing thunderstorms or showers. Derecho is the name for a wide range of widespread and long-lived wind storms, which are linked in bands with rapidly changing showers and thunderstorms.    

According to the NWS, a derecho (pronounced deh-REY-cho) is a widespread, long-lived wind storm associated with a band of fast-moving showers or thunderstorms. The official definition is "a wide range of widespread and persistent winds and storms, which are associated with rapidly changing showers and thunderstorms in bands.    

For a storm to be classified as a derecho, it must have a wind speed of at least 100 mph and a swath of wind damage that extends for more than 250 miles, including a maximum wind speed of 75 miles per hour or more, and also include well - separated 75 miles per hour - or larger gusts. As mentioned above, a "derecho" wind must meet the criteria of a strong wind gust of 50-60 km / h or more according to the current definition. For a build-up of thunderstorms to be defined as Derechos, the wind and damage track must cover no less than 240 miles and include a total wind speed of 100-150 miles per hour, with a minimum of 25-30 miles per hour. 

Because a derecho does not have the eye of a hurricane and its winds are from a line, the damage it causes is more likely to be spread over a large area than the local effects of tornadoes. A single thunderstorm hits a much larger area than a tornado that is more isolated, or a very large weather event that hits a large area.     

While Derechos can cause destruction similar to the strength of a tornado, the damage is relatively straight. While derecho can cause destruction of similar magnitude to a tornado, it is often directed as a single thunderstorm or a very large weather event, not as a large tornado.     

See the recent Iowa Derecho storm damage in August of 2020. 

How To Plan For Disasters

top motivations to prepare for a disaster

Creating an emergency plan can feel overwhelming, but the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a number of resources to help you do so. This guide guides you through preparing for natural disasters, acting in the event of an event, and what action you need to take at the end of a disaster that happens quickly, which means that you need to be ready to act quickly.  Every family needs a clearly defined plan that helps ensure that everyone is safe in the event of natural disasters and evacuations. 

Disaster preparedness involves drawing up a plan, preparing and managing disasters, and improving critical infrastructure before and after a disaster. The basic structure of disaster planning involves planning for a wide range of events such as floods, cyclones, tornadoes, forest fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Disaster Preparedness: a guide to disaster preparedness for the United States and the world. 

You have to plan for disasters and the emergencies and disruptions that result from them. In summary, organizations must develop recovery teams to prepare a disaster recovery plan that includes the identification and assessment of disaster risks, disaster risk assessment, critical application identification, and the establishment of backup procedures. The plan should also include how volunteers are recruited and managed in preparation for emergencies. They should define who is responsible for how individuals should respond before, during, and after an emergency or disaster, as well as their roles and responsibilities.   

Here is a diagram of the who, what, where, when, why, and how disaster preparedness plan. 

It's great to have a contingency plan, but no matter how well thought out it is, it's only as effective as the amount of preparation that was done and how you and your community are prepared for it.     

Again, it is impossible to know exactly how a potential disaster or emergency will affect your business, but you can use the threats and risks set out in step two to determine which disasters are most likely to affect your businesses and what the impact will be. The real test of your disaster plan will not only be your ability to survive the disaster, but you will also succeed in recovery.     

The issues set out in the templates for voluntary organizations should be included in a document or plan describing the main mechanisms for voluntary disaster and emergency response. Encourage your community members to develop a prevention plan that includes things like a pre-determined meeting place, putting together disaster-relief kits, and contingency plans.    

Knowing who is most likely to be affected helps you to know which natural disasters could occur in your region and how best to prepare. If a disaster requires the evacuation of your community, you need to plan evacuation procedures in advance and ensure that citizens are aware of the process as well. While it is important to have an emergency kit and evacuation plan, it also helps to know who you are and what you are doing when the emergency has no warning. Even if your institution is one of those institutions that have an "emergency" without warning, it is helpful to draw up a list of measures to be taken after receiving a warning.     

Disaster risk reduction aims to reduce the impact of disasters on vulnerable populations, prepare organizations for an influx of activities, and draw up coordinated plans to reduce the waste of resources, time, and effort. The goal of disaster and emergency preparedness is not only to reduce the impact of a disaster on a vulnerable population but also to prepare organizations for the influx of activities and to design a coordinated plan that reduces the waste of resources and time in the effort, according to the United States Department of Homeland Security.  

When you write a nonprofit emergency plan, you can begin with an understanding of why a disaster plan is relevant to your organization, the people you serve, and your mission. Disaster plans for volunteers, or "volunteers," as your organizations call them, will enable you to better activate and deploy your volunteer force. It promotes a strong knowledge base to be built up for planners to use and promotes the development of a long-term plan for disaster risk reduction and preparedness.

Maps of Smoke from Wildfires in the United States

#wildfires #smoke model forecast for Monday. Smoke continues east through the #GreatLakes into #newengland. Low visibility and #AirQuality issues will continue for SE OR/SW ID. Isolated showers and thunderstorms today through Wednesday. #idwx #orwx
GOES Apple Fire Time Lapse.gif

Maps of Smoke from Wildfires in the United States

Smoke Map Western United States

Map of Active Wildfires in the Oregon & Washington

Map of Active Wildfires in the Oregon & Washington
Northwest Fire Location map displays active fire incidents within Oregon and Washington

Active Colorado Wildfires Maps

Colorado Current Wildfire Maps

Colorado wildfires in Pine Gulch, Grizzly Creek, Cameron Peak, Williams Fork, Lewstone, and Thorpe

Carmel Fires Map

The Carmel Fire in the area of Cachagua and Carmel Valley roads, south of Carmel, has burned 6,695 acres, according to Cal Fire. It is 15% contained.

Active California Fires Maps

Map of Active Wildfires in the United States

Active Wildfires in the United States

Iowa Crop Damage Satellite Images Map

Iowa Derecho Corn Damage

Iowa Crop Damage Satellite Map

A highlighted area shows where some of the swaths of damage to farmlands were located, spanning in a line from west to east.

Iowa Crop Damage Satellite Map

Iowa Derecho Storm Maps & Damage

Huge storms produced widespread hurricane-like severe wind damage across Iowa, northern Illinois, and northern Indiana during the day on Monday, August 10. Much of this severe wind was significant (75+ mph winds) resulting in many downed trees, several toppled-over semi-trucks, cornfields, and many communities receiving at least some minor structural damage. Within the broader area of severe winds, 15 tornadoes were confirmed across northern Illinois and northwest Indiana.  What is a Derecho?

Many in Iowans are still without structures and power. President Donald Trump meets with Iowans at an airport in storm-ravaged Cedar Rapids Tuesday; local officials ask him to approve more aid.  President Donald Trump promised Iowa leaders Tuesday that they would have the "full support of the federal government" as they work to clear debris, restore power and recover from a massive windstorm that swept the state last week. "Iowans have always been resilient and strong and tough and great people," Trump said in a briefing in Cedar Rapids. "From the depths of this grave hardship, we will rebuild even stronger than before. We're going to be in fantastic shape in a very short period of time." On Monday, the president approved part of Iowa's disaster aid request for many counties, encompassing about $45 million in aid. However, the governor's total disaster aid application included a litany of nearly $4 billion in damages. The Monday approval did not include individual assistance aid, which would help homeowners and farmers with their private property damage.

 Iowa Derecho Aftermath: Cedar Rapids Storm Damage

Coronavirus Infections by Percent of Population in Each County

Aggregating data from many different official sources, this source provides a summary of COVID-19 cases in the world at the lowest granularity possible in each country.

Here is a another great map of Realtime Corona Virus Maps of Confirmed Cases

Realtime Corona Virus Maps of Confirmed Cases

 Cases confirmed map. The map can be found here
99%+ survival rate with deaths mostly among the elderly 

Confirmed cases.  Find this Corona Virus App here.  

Here is more data (from the World Health Organization). 

New Site Launches

We just launched a new site today to highlight coronavirus frauds, scams and misbehavior caused by the virus and Government regulations. 

In a World where most things are a scam and frauds these days.  We are going to explore the following topics: 

1)  Payment Protection Loans
2)  Small Business Issues
3)  Companies & Products Scams
4)  Tax Scams
5)  Test, Medical & Doctor Scams
6)  Censorship
7)  Banks 
8)  Opposing Views
9)  Data
10) Fake News

Here are the latest posts below . . . 

United States of States Maps

United States of State Planning Together to Re-Open Economy

FEMA Regions

Serological Testing Map for Coronavirus Antibodies

We are crowdsourcing testing centers that focus on antibodies.  
We are not mapping Coronavirus testing centers, 
As we gather data we will update the map.
Please email data sets to

You can also add new testing center locations to the map here

Map of High Risk Unemployment US Counties

Map of County employment risk, urban exodus, hospital bed availability, telehealth access, broadband availability & nationwide cases.

The impact of COVID-19 will vary across areas based on their industrial composition. In our analysis, we have focused on four industrial sectors which we expect are at higher risk of disruption.  Data source:  Center for Rural Innovation.

● Tourism
● Manufacturing & Wholesale
● Transportation
● Oil, gas, and coal production

The industry is sensitive to consumer demand. Sectors like manufacturing, wholesale, transportation (of goods), and oil, gas, and coal production are all likely to see declines due to decline in consumer demand and employment caused by the stay-in-place policies and the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calculating our employment risk index 

1. The share of small business employment
2. The share of older high risk workers
3. The share of employment in industries likely to experience high volatility

Most people are not aware of how large the oil and gas industry is and how many people in rural America are employed in the energy sector.  Here is a map of oil and gas drilling industry and you will see how it overlaps very nicely with this data.  This can be found at 

Coronavirus Testing Location Maps

Coronavirus Testing Centers Florida Map

LA County Coronavirus Testing Centers

National Map of Coronavirus Testing Centers

A Contrarian View on Coronavirus Bioterrorism from a Wells Fargo Investment Officer

Mahmoud ElAwadi Senior Vice President - Investment Officer/ PIM Portfolio Manager at Wells Fargo Advisors out of Orlando, Florida 

Here are 15 key points he makes. 
  1. He thinks the Coronvirus crises was created by the media for political & financial gain.  
  2. Was Chinese government not happy with the Trump trade agreement presented 1/2020?  
  3. Why is the virus spreading in some locations and others not?
  4. Who is buying gold and lots of it because they want to devalue the dollar?  
  5. Why are all of China's factories back online and running at 100% capacity?
  6. USA is running out of supplies and desperately needs more supplies from China.
  7. Population of China is 1.6B and only 80,000 cases.
  8. Population in the USA is 330 million and more 16,000+ cases.
  9. How did China suddenly stop the virus in the last month? 
  10. Is China not sharing a vaccine or virus solution something with us?
  11. News networks finally have their ratings & ad revenue back (people are watching). 
  12. News networks are selling us fear and destroying the economy for political gains. 
  13. He is a Democrat and didn't vote for Trump but he strongly supports our President.  
  14. China wants to be the largest economy in the World.