Map of High Risk Unemployment US Counties

Map of County employment risk, urban exodus, hospital bed availability, telehealth access, broadband availability & nationwide cases.

The impact of COVID-19 will vary across areas based on their industrial composition. In our analysis, we have focused on four industrial sectors which we expect are at higher risk of disruption.  Data source:  Center for Rural Innovation.

● Tourism
● Manufacturing & Wholesale
● Transportation
● Oil, gas, and coal production

The industry is sensitive to consumer demand. Sectors like manufacturing, wholesale, transportation (of goods), and oil, gas, and coal production are all likely to see declines due to decline in consumer demand and employment caused by the stay-in-place policies and the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calculating our employment risk index 

1. The share of small business employment
2. The share of older high risk workers
3. The share of employment in industries likely to experience high volatility

Most people are not aware of how large the oil and gas industry is and how many people in rural America are employed in the energy sector.  Here is a map of oil and gas drilling industry and you will see how it overlaps very nicely with this data.  This can be found at 

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