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ESRI Uses Map Data from Air Now

Esri, a mapping software platform based in California, said this week that it has introduced a new app, Air Quality Aware, which helps people understand the air quality in their city. The new all uses data from the EPA's AirNow program and the NOAA's National Weather Service, along with the American Community Survey. The new all-show areas, according to the organization, are color-coded according to the Air Quality Index of the EPA, with magenta and purple reflecting harmful and extremely unhealthy air quality.

The new web-based map joins other utilities such as PurpleAir, allowing users to see what air quality is in their area, as well as various local government agency locations. In recent weeks, interest in monitoring air quality has increased dramatically, as wildfires in the Western US have brought air quality to its worst in decades in many areas; smoke from those fires has now entered Europe.

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