Iowa Derecho Storm Maps & Damage

Huge storms produced widespread hurricane-like severe wind damage across Iowa, northern Illinois, and northern Indiana during the day on Monday, August 10. Much of this severe wind was significant (75+ mph winds) resulting in many downed trees, several toppled-over semi-trucks, cornfields, and many communities receiving at least some minor structural damage. Within the broader area of severe winds, 15 tornadoes were confirmed across northern Illinois and northwest Indiana.  What is a Derecho?

Many in Iowans are still without structures and power. President Donald Trump meets with Iowans at an airport in storm-ravaged Cedar Rapids Tuesday; local officials ask him to approve more aid.  President Donald Trump promised Iowa leaders Tuesday that they would have the "full support of the federal government" as they work to clear debris, restore power and recover from a massive windstorm that swept the state last week. "Iowans have always been resilient and strong and tough and great people," Trump said in a briefing in Cedar Rapids. "From the depths of this grave hardship, we will rebuild even stronger than before. We're going to be in fantastic shape in a very short period of time." On Monday, the president approved part of Iowa's disaster aid request for many counties, encompassing about $45 million in aid. However, the governor's total disaster aid application included a litany of nearly $4 billion in damages. The Monday approval did not include individual assistance aid, which would help homeowners and farmers with their private property damage.

Iowa Derecho Aftermath: Cedar Rapids Storm Damage

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