Maps of Kobe's Helicopter Flight Path, Air Traffic Control & Weather

Helipads colored 
Air Traffic Control & Visual Flight Reference Flight Map

- Pilot wants to turn south to the 101.  
- Pilot says he is approved VFR conditions.  -
- 72EX wants to talk to SoCal tower but doesn't seem to connect. 
-VFR conditions 1,500.  
- SoCal approach tower asks him what his intention 
- Air traffic control says he is too low level for flight following  
- Helicopter crashes in a valley area near the SoCal Water District on a hillside

Van Nuys tower: Helicopter 2EchoX, thank you. And once you’re clear of Van Nuys Delta, did you want to talk to SoCal?
Helicopter: Affirmative. 2EchoX.
Helicopter: Tower for 2EchoX-ray, can we start go ahead and turn toward the southwest for the 101?
Van Nuys tower: Helicopter 2EchoX-ray, approved, and are you transitioning in VFR conditions?
Helicopter: VFR conditions, 1,500 [feet]. 2EchoX.
Van Nuys tower: Helicopter 72EchoX, thank you. Contact SoCal now 134.2 for flight following. 34.2.
Helicopter: 34.2. NEchoX
SoCal air traffic approach control center: EchoX-ray, ident[ification]?
SoCal center: EchoX-ray, yeah, you’re following the 1200 code. So you’re requesting flight following?
SoCal center: 2EchoX-ray, where, say intentions.
SoCal center: 2EchoX-ray, you’re still too low-level for a flight following at this time.
SoCal center: 2Echo X-ray, SoCal.

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