Tips To Protect Yourself And Your Home From A Wildfire

What To Do In The Case Of A Wildfire

What To Do In The Case Of A Wildfire

With 2020 bringing some of the worst wildfires on record, ravaged land, homes, and lives all the way from Australia to California, its more important than ever to be prepared if you live in a hot area where these things occur. But just what can you do if you are faced with an uncontrollable wildfire on your doorstep?

Human Lives Come First

The lives of yourself, your family, and your friends (and animals)must come first in the event of a wildfire. While losing your home and all your possessions is devastating, these things can eventually be replaced. If you see a fire, make sure it has been reported and ensure you listen to the instruction of emergency officials. They know what they are doing and won’t advise you to evacuate if you don’t need to. Follow what they say and don’t try to be a hero. You could just end up getting in the way and cause more harm than good.

Protect Your Home

If you have time when evacuating, there are a few things that you can do to protect your home. Turn off all gas and propane at the meter and make sure all pilot lights are switched off. Next, turn on all the interior and exterior lights in your house. This will make your home easier to spot in the heavy smoke caused by wildfires. Remove wooden furniture and combustible trash, and doormats away from the doors and windows.

You can also remove any kindling, firewood, pine needles, or dead leaves around the house if you have the time. Finally, wet down your house using lawn sprinkles and hoses. The roof and any vegetation within 15 feet of your home should be wet down but don’t leave these running as you can affect the area’s water pressure.

Before you leave, also make it easy for firefighters to get in. Leave doors and gates unlatched. Connect your garden hoses to your outside taps and leave buckets of water lying around for firefighters to use. You can also put any ladders you have outside in case firefighters need to use them to get onto your roof.

Don’t Start A Wildfire

While this may seem obvious, if you live in an area prone to wildfires, make sure you don’t inadvertently cause one yourself. Humans are the main cause of wildfires and while arson is occasionally the cause of devastating fires, accidents are just as common.

Cigarettes that are poorly disposed of by simply being tossed on the ground or out of a car window, can quickly cause fires. These partially lit buds can cause serious damage. Cigarettes should always be properly extinguished before disposable before being thrown away in a sealed container. Unattended campfires can also have disastrous consequences, so don’t leave them alone to play online.

Campfires or even fire pits near or in among the trees always need to be unattended to and extinguished properly at the end of an evening. Fireworks and flares also should never be handled by amateurs as they can lead to injury and of course, fires.

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